A Tale of Two Philosophies: Objectivism and Christianity


It’s a rather tired reference to a novel by Charles Dickens, but… …it also describes theme of The Soul of Atlas by Mark David Henderson. Like with many philosophies, there is a lot to learn from how a person handles “the big three”: Money, Sex, and Power. John and Dad view money differently. They might […]

What is the Soul of Atlas?


While intellectually stimulating and a compelling story, The Soul of Atlas is also deeply personal. The author, Mark David Henderson, uses his own life to show how the conflict and the convergence of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and Gospel Christianity were unavoidable. These world views came to him through the lives of the his two fathers. […]

Engage in Productive Dialogue; Tough Questions in Context


How should we engage in productive dialogue and embrace tough questions? Parties with opposing viewpoints on the issues should not be afraid of–rather each should embrace–the tough questions. Of course, each party must demonstrate understanding of the other so that they ask the right questions, rather than merely antagonizing. When it comes to questions of […]

Barriers to Achieving Great Strides, Faith and Reason

Breaking Down Barriers

In the past few generations of American society, these two, very distinctive world views have stood as paragons for Faith and Reason themselves. Faith and Reason repeatedly fall prey to our inclination to avert complexity. They can be cartoonishly foisted against one another in simplistic bifurcation. In the twenty-first century, the term “New Atheists” has […]

Can you tell the difference between God-centeredness and Other-centeredness?


Is there a difference between focusing one’s life on God and focusing one’s life on others? It seems like they are synonymous. Look at Mother Teresa. She represented a godly life through her focus on the needs of others. At Brown University, I studied the Middle Ages. Amidst the violence and disease that caused me […]

Spiritual, but not Religious?


Ayn Rand applauded a culture in which the interests and desires of the individual take precedence over those of the family, group, or community. Frequently, I hear “I am spiritual, but not religious” or “I like Jesus, but not Christianity.” I applaud the courage and honesty of people who have had bad experiences with churches, […]

journey of the word

A blog about a journey. In some ways unique and in other ways, common to everyone. Lydia Borengasser asks questions of herself and of others, exhorting and warning as she experiences God’s Word and shares her reflections.

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Who is Mark David Henderson?


Mark is the author of The Soul of Atlas: Ayn Rand, Christianity, a Quest for Common Ground [Reason Publishing]. He also speaks to a variety of audiences about finding common ground in unlikely places. Mark has been vitally interested in Ayn Rand’s philosophy for over three decades. He studied Victorian Poetry and Neuroscience at Brown […]

Who else has a perspective on Christianity or Ayn Rand’s Objectivism?

Atlas St Pats 1543x803-touched

You ask some interesting questions about Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and Christianity: the differences and similarities between the two world views, Christian Libertarianism, Christian Anarchism, and Rand’s politics, and my own view. I’ll do my best, in a nutshell. Ayn Rand is a committed atheist. She believes in absolutes, but not in a Giver of absolutes. […]

Bill Whittle Tells It Like We All Should


The conservative message, and view of America is that we are a nation of steely-eyed missile men with our eyes on a far horizon. We believe in loud guns, hot women, and fast cars. We want to do what we want to do all the time and we don’t like a bunch of high school student council weenies telling us what we can do, when we can do it, or how we can do it. We believe in freedom and prosperity and, if you work your tail off and you want to own seven houses (if seven is your limit), then that’s your business. And if you want to smoke a blunt that’s your business, too. It’s your business, not my business. We believe in limited energy and the power of the human mind to achieve miraculous goals. We have six flags up on the moon, and there’s nothing that we can’t do if we put our minds to it.