3 Practical Take-Aways from The Soul of Atlas

The uncovering of various government overreaches is indicative of the increasing control “Big Brother” progressivism wields over Americans.

Conservatives and Libertarians must work together to stem the tide of this encroaching menace. (I picture those “ice tsunamis” recently shown in MN—huge piles of ice creeping up their lawns from the lake.) Precisely what we agree on (individual liberty, free speech, limited government… foundational, Constitutional ideals) is what needs to be reinforced.

1. Partner to Leverage our Common Strengths and Passions

Moreover, there needs to continue to be intentional partnering (e.g. Tea Party, Freedom Works, The Blaze, PJ Media, BlogCon) of Christian conservatives and Rand libertarians to actually educate our neighbors on these principles and liberties and how they are being usurped. This is being done in many realms, esp in “new media” formats; but in many venues, be they churches or universities, the caricatures of sub-groups of conservatives prevail and must be addressed as caricatures if we want to affect change against the common, ideological foe.

2. Don’t Let Legitimate Disagreements Overwhelm Legitimate Agreements

The areas of legitimate moral concerns among conservative Christians and secular libertarians (re: abortion, legalizing narcotics, same-sex unions, size of military, etc) are very loaded, and we tend to lead with them. But these current scandals implore us to focus on similar goals or we’ll never get the opportunity to legitimately address at policy levels the issues we may not entirely agree on. In other words, we cannot miss this moment in time to coalesce, when the offensive overreaches are so obviously expanding.

ice tsunamis creeping, unstoppable like an overreaching government, relentless in destroying lives

3. Engage to Navigate the Differences

The experience of reconciling these world views in my own life–out of a personal need to balance my fathers’ perspectives–has shown me the benefits of navigating the differences (when it would have been much “easier” to just check out, or to side with one father and stand in enmity with the other, or to utterly reject both…). This is the microcosm that gives me hope for this to happen at the macro level.

The growth of government overreach is propelled by advocates of big government. Both secular libertarians and conservative Christians want to limit government’s control over the means of production. It is true that the burgeoning transfer of wealth is not sustainable (the producers may go on strike). Furthermore, government entitlements perpetuate the government’s role as benefactor and usurp the rightful role of the Church in our society.