A Day on the Set of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

I had never been on the set of a movie before, let alone Atlas Shrugged, whose scenes I know and love. This was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. And it was thrilling.
I didn’t bother hiding my naivete about film making, and my enthusiasm for everything Hollywood. In other words, I didn’t try to be cool. “Cool” would have been difficult for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I made it a day trip sandwiched between two red-eyes, long flights from the East Coast.

On this day, the scene being filmed is the one where Dagny (Taylor Schilling, obscured by some extras) considers, with Rearden (Grant Bowler in the far background), the seemingly insurmountable deadlines that they are determined to overcome in order to complete the John Galt Line. The mile-long bridge extends over a steep drop across a Colorado canyon, to reach the oil fields of Ellis Wyatt (Graham Beckel, see below).
Here I am with two of the people responsible for bringing Ayn Rand’s novel to the big screen. I’m in the distinctly California color between producer John Aglialoro and his wife, Joan.

Joan Carter & John Aglialoro

I was delighted to meet the actors in Atlas Shrugged. Here are Graham Beckel and Taylor Schilling. Having seen her, I think Taylor will make a fantastic Dagny. Her appearance projects strength and confidence, with an unmistakably feminine flair.


The man on the right in the picture below is Grant Bowler, who plays Hank Rearden. He couldn’t be more perfect. Each time I saw him, in take after take, he executed his lines like a time-tested professional, with the consistency and variety that you look for to cast a Randian hero of Rearden’s stature.

Grant Bowler Handshake