How do you like my Atlas pictures?

Just put up a slideshow (below) featuring Atlas on 5th Avenue at 50th Street. The images strike me as Randian with a twist. That is, there are some with the skyscraper in the background, and others that juxtapose St. Patrick’s Cathedral towering over Atlas. I think that’s an interesting metaphor for The Soul of Atlas.
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At 50th and Fifth Avenue in New York City, St. Patrick’s Cathedral faces Atlas across the street outside Rockefeller Center. An excellent metaphor for the conversation between Ayn Rand’s philosophy and Christianity. Atlas represents Ayn Rand’s philosophy and St Patrick’s Cathedral represents Christianity. They are across the street from each other (Fifth Avenue in NYC), as if in conversation.

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    • Janene, Thanks for the insight. You’re not alone. I have experienced it myself. I’m looking for a solution now. Thanks again for the feedback. I always appreciate it.

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