Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

A great interview this morning with Harmon Kaslow, producer of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1! Harmon is not only a great guy; he represented the movie well. Good questions from Mike Rosen, a big Ayn Rand fan. One of the questions that the host asked the producer was, “How important was it to cast actors whose philosophy aligned with the philosophy of Ayn Rand?” He said, “If you had cast a celebrity with outspoken left-wing  political views, you would have turned off a lot of people.” For sure. Kaslow said that there was a lot of interest in being part of the film, and those that read for it understood the importance of the message.

The film is complete! Final mixing is happening now. The release will be April 15th, 2011 is the day. Check out the site ( for a countdown. The hope is that the narrow release will demonstrate overwhelming demand, and that will translate into 2,000 theaters across the country.

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