Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage

There have been a lot of articles lately. This one, from Canada’s National Post, almost slipped by my radar. It’s worth a read: “Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage.”

Foster, an editor for the conservative paper, has some nice lines.

Indeed, it has been suggested that far from being associated with John Galt, Mr. Greenspan, especially when he delivered his anti-market mea culpa before Congress last October, was perhaps more analogous to the Atlas Shrugged character of Robert Stadler, a scientist who abandons reason for political advantage. Ms. Rand’s followers have long regarded Mr. Greenspan as a sell-out.

There is Tinseltown buzz that Atlas Shrugged may at last become a movie (I vote Barney Frank for the role of arch-socialist-weasel villain Wesley Mouch. Maurice Strong is probably a little too old now).

And he finishes with…

Few businessmen have the guts to stand up to the prevailing anti-market pogrom, much less withdraw their services (although AIG executive Jake deSantis seemed to “Go Galt” in his recent resignation letter, which was published on this page). But in any case, the “looters” would be hot on their tails. Why do you think the recent G20 was so keen to crack down on “tax havens?” They don’t want you to have any “Galt’s Gulch” in which to hide.

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2 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage

  1. It is sad that when leftists talk about the alleged stinginess of wealthy capitalists, it’s always with the sneer of, “oh yeah, and their gonna give to charity out of the kindness of their hearts?. Yeah, right”.

    The evil rich have apparently had to lose their humanity to become wealthy. While people like Ted Kennedy are truly the Salt of the Earth because he merely inherited his money and has fought for the “little guy” his entire life. I don’t think I have to tell anybody which “little guy” I’m talking about.

    Then there are the poor, who have the satisfaction of the moral high ground because at least they are not under the spell of the evil Profit Motive.

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