Who else thinks Tom Snyder doesn’t get Ayn Rand?

I like Tom Snyder’s easygoing and honest curiosity. It seems like he is genuinely interested in understanding Ayn Rand, but he doesn’t seem to get it. In my opinion, Ayn Rand is articulate and very clear in this interview. In Tom Snyder’s defense, he reflects a very typical audience member in his perspective. Furthermore, Ayn Rand’s vocabulary is somewhat off-putting.

Part One of Three:

In a comment on this blog, someone the Ayn Rand interview with Tom Snyder is now available on YouTube.com in its entirety. I had difficulty finding the whole thing, so I am embedding it here.

Part Two of Three:

Part Three of Three:

Not just the philosophical vocabulary–epistemology and metaphysics–but her use of the word “sacrifice” and “selfishness.” When she begins speaking about “self-esteem,” I think the audience, and the host, is more tuned-in. I think that “rational self-interest” resonates today in the way that “self-esteem” did during this interview. I found the interchange to be interesting and instructive.

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