Ayn Rand vs Jesus at International Students for Liberty Conference this Weekend

On Saturday, February 15th at 3:00 pm, The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics will host a panel discussion entitled, “Ayn Rand vs Jesus.” I’m excited about it. I’ll be on the panel, hosted by Dr. Anne Bradley, speaking about Ayn Rand and Christianity. If all goes as planned, the panelists will mostly be taking questions from the audience: intelligent, liberty-minded students from all disciplines who have come to have a blast and learn stuff.

The conference site has all the info. Here’s what it says about this panel:

Ayn Rand is remembered as a great American novelist, philosopher, and developer of objectivism, but she is also known for her strong atheistic convictions. She despised Christianity, exalted selfishness, condemned altruism, and called God “coercive.” How then should free market Christians think about Ayn Rand and objectivism? Is there any common ground? Join the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics for a discussion on Ayn Rand through a biblical lens.

For more info, go here.