Bad Review, but…

John Putch, Director of Atlas Shrugged Part 2

The author of CraveOnline gave Atlas Shrugged Part II a lackluster review, but it was a rave compared to what he did to Part 1.

For Atlas Shrugged: Part 2, producer John Aglialoro has scrapped the entire cast and most of the crew – that, or they simply refused to come back – and the result is a far superior film, smartly shot and better acted. It’s still kinda bad, but at least this movie won’t be an industry punchline for years to come.

Later he said,

The workmanlike cinematography and editing of Atlas Shrugged: Part One has been replaced with some canny visual storytelling, and the acting is an enormous improvement across the board, particularly Esai Morales, who seems more engaged than I’ve ever seen him, and Mathis, who surpasses the performance of Dagny Taggart in the first film by experiencing genuine human emotions. Putch’s film, aided no doubt by a faster-paced screenplay, manages to actually engage you once in a while in Atlas Shrugged’s constant backdoor dealings, obfuscating the film’s extreme simplification of its greater argument to the extent that it almost seems to work.

Credit goes to John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow for improving on every aspect. The author’s concluding remarks paint Atlas Shrugged Part 2 in a favorable light, especially if would-be movie-goers were dissuaded by what the critics said about Part 1.

Atlas Shrugged: Part One failed to make its argument due to a larger failure to put together an engaging, watchable film regardless of its politics. Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 is competent enough to allow the argument to play out in front of us, giving naysayers something to actually think about. An actual argument has been made and can be judged by its narrative merits, and while it still falls short, treads water for most of the second act and continues to rely on oversimplifications of grander ideas, it’s now kind of interesting and, occasionally, even involving in its propagandistic [sic] flamboyance. Oh, what a difference competence makes.

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