The Soul of Atlas: Ayn Rand, Christianity, a Quest for Common Ground (Henderson, NV: Reason Publishing, 2013)

Ayn Rand, Christianity, a Quest for Common Ground

TSOA-Color-Headshot-200x175In this insightful and practical book, the author builds a case for common ground between Faith and Reason. The Soul of Atlas is the story of a conversation between two world views: Ayn Rand‘s philosophy and Christianity. These influential ways of viewing the world are represented by the men who shaped his life: the author’s two fathers. As each father articulates his philosophy, the resulting conversation will challenge your own way of thinking and suggest surprising ways to engage.
In a recent survey, readers referenced Atlas Shrugged as the second most influential book in their lives; the Bible was number one. Until now, a serious dialogue between the two has never played out.

The Soul of Atlas Mission

It’s time that Ayn Rand’s values were validated and embraced by all parties, including the Christians she often misunderstands. It’s time that Rand’s followers and others understand the difference between religion and the Gospel. The Soul of Atlas explains Atheism to Christians and the Gospel to Objectivists. The Soul of Atlas will help secular Libertarians and Christian conservatives to cooperate to take our country back.

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The Soul of AtlasThe Soul of Atlas by Mark David Henderson
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