The Temple (Brewster, Massachusetts: Paraclete Press, 2001)

The Poetry of George Herbert (Christian Classics)

George HerbertIn 1633, George Herbert published what has become the best-known Christian poetry (poetry of devotion) in the English language, The Temple. Actually a sequence of poems, The Temple is shaped by the order of church ritual and liturgy. At the heart of The Temple stands “The Church,” poems that are patterned on the Church’s liturgical calendar and that discuss theological ideas such as death, judgment, and heaven. Herbert’s poetry is at once personal and confessional. His poems about the Eucharist and holy baptism are not only general theological explorations of the sacraments but also the poet’s expression of the struggles of his own flesh to be reconciled to God. This mildly modernized edition makes the spiritual insight and quiet passion of this great poet available to today’s reader.


The Temple: The Poetry of George HerbertThe Temple: The Poetry of George Herbert by George Herbert
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