Ayn Rand and Christianity: Breaking Down Barriers, Engage

Engage” is the first step in breaking down barriers between Ayn Rand and Christianity. The series entitled “Breaking Down Barriers” began last Friday with an introduction by David Kelley, founder and president of The Atlas Society. Dr. Kelley introduced The Soul of Atlas and speaker Mark David Henderson at a CATO Institute luncheon.

“Compelled” to engage…

While I try to persuade secular libertarians and Christian conservatives to engage, I had no choice about whether to engage in a conversation between Ayn Rand and Christianity because of the two men who shaped my life. The conversation between their respective world views played out in my life. My stepfather, John Aglialoro, is a businessman, entrepreneur, and a devout follower of Ayn Rand. My biological father, David Henderson, is a professor, farmer, and a passionate Christian. I wanted to understand these men and win their approval. Without bringing together these two influential forces, my life felt fragmented. I didn’t feel like a whole person. I was “living a double life,” but I wasn’t satisfied with that.”

Engage is the first step

While it goes against our first inclination, nothing really happens without this first step. Secular libertarians and Christian conservatives must engage in order to

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