Ayn Rand and Christianity: Act Together to Break Down Barriers

Ayn Rand and Christianity: Act Together to Break Down Barriers

When followers of Ayn Rand and Christians get together and ally with one another, as like-minded people, we can effect great change in the world. Separately, we will continue to fight against each other. Adherents of disparate world views like these two can be inclined to pronounce an all-or-nothing agenda: “You must align with me on every point or we can’t work together.” This just leads to alienation and failure. The enemies of objective truth, individual freedom, and limited government are too many and too fiercely opposed for us to take this posture.

This is the fourth and final stage in breaking down barriers. In the previous three videos, I urge Christian conservatives and secular libertarians (and even more specifically evangelical Christianity and Objectivism) to engage with each other, seek to understand, and reconcile where possible. Hence the subtitle of my book: Ayn Rand, Christianity, a Quest for Common Ground.

Taking our Country Back Requires Cooperation.

The enormity of the task demands a rational approach. Conservatives must focus on the principles that unite them to bring about the most good for the most people. The advocates of liberty and freedom pursue those ideals in every area: worship, speech, property. In some form, these freedoms start with economic freedom, which is the right of an individual to live without his life being forcefully encumbered by other individuals. The Christian considers Jesus reaching the outcast and misfit with His grace and peace, and the Objectivist seeks production to sustain his life. Both can agree on the harmful effects of a government that overextends itself by taking these decisions away from the individual. While there are many cultural disagreements that result from engaging in conversation, that in no way negates the benefit of having the Conversation. And disparate groups must, in order to preserve the liberties we are afforded by the Constitution, exercise these liberties. When we do that, we may just discover more common ground. And certainly we’ll set an example for others to explore Reason in place of force.

If you’ve spent much time with me, on this site or reading The Soul of Atlas, you know that I am passionate about bringing secular libertarians and Christian conservatives together. I believe we can make a difference if and when we cooperate and act together. There are some barriers that stand in the way but they’re not insurmountable. Furthermore, I believe that we cannot succeed politically unless we act together.

Do you think Christians and Ayn Rand follwers can overcome the barriers and work together to take our country back? Why or why not?

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