Ayn Rand and Christianity: Breaking Down Barriers, Q&A #4

This is the fourth section of Q & A from the CATO Institute featuring Mark David Henderson. After speaking candidly about his new book, The Soul of Atlas, the author fielded several questions including this one on how to engage those with disparate world views. In particular, Michelle Marston from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty asked for tips on engaging Libertarians and Objectivists on issues that seem valuable to achieve individual liberty.

Henderson says,

“The answer is to continue to engage. It has been my quest to reach out to Christian organizations, churches, conservative political groups, and campus ministries as well as Libertarians of all flavors, Objectivists, and admirers of Ayn Rand. Yes, there is disagreement between these ideologies, but not on every single point. I have experienced it in my own life and seen that passionate individuals, representing each of these world views, can find agreement and stand against the today’s government overreach, misplaced economic efforts, and crony capitalism. I believe that all of these groups value these principles and we can work together without compromise.”

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