Christianity and Capitalism

As a follow-up to Gordon Liddy’s broadcast on Ayn Rand (which begs more screen time on this blog), I heard about an unrelated radio broadcast later that same day. R. C. Sproul, theologian, pastor, and founder of Ligonier Ministries spoke about the Bible’s take on Economics.

That tidbit led me to his website and notably to a beautiful lecture entitled “Economics” in which he shares biblical principles that support private property, equity (which he contrasts with equality), industry, and compassion. He calls himself a stewardship capitalist because he believes that the principles of stewardship demand certain principles that capitalism embraces. Capitalism can be seen as a license for crass materialism with no care for the poor. He says that, if we’re going to care about the poor, we have to say ‘no’ to systems like socialism and communism because they kill the poor. There’s more to say on this, and I encourage your scrutiny of Sproul’s talk. What do you think about Christianity’s relation to capitalism and socialism?

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One thought on “Christianity and Capitalism

  1. that sounds like a utilitarian defense of capitalism: we should allow free trade because it serves the common good- because it works and it benefits the most people, which is opposite an objectivist one: capitalism is the only system consistent with man’s nature as a rational being, and your property rights are derived from a right to your own life.

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