Christianity and Objectivism

I had a conversation with a friend about the difficulty of defining a worldview when there’s disagreement among those who subscribe to it. What is Objectivism? More controversial, what is Christianity?

Even among those that style themselves “Objectivists,” there is disagreement about conclusions of reasonable minds. To the point, there’s a battle between The Atlas Society in Washington, D.C. and The Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, CA. It’s even more obvious that there is disagreement (a battle of sorts) between those who claim to articulate true Christianity.

So, for a layperson like me, it’s a challenge to articulate a Christian voice, except as it relates to myself, a Christian. But, it the context of writing a book, the audience I seek to reach is not interested in my particular view of Christianity. To narrow the scope of the comparison, I had thought about focusing on C. S. Lewis’s Christianity. After all, he has a great apology/introduction that was intended to introduce “Mere Christianity,” a particularly non-controversial brand.

But, after we talked about it, it seemed like it would detract from the purpose of the book, which is more about Ayn Rand than about C. S. Lewis. In other words, it’s the movie that’s really going to get readers interested. The “Christian Objectivist” audience is very limited, but Christians who will become interested in Ayn Rand’s thought because of the movie could be plentiful. Furthermore, Ayn Rand fans may be interested in a perspective on “what Christianity is” other than Ayn Rand‘s perspective, with appropriate respect for her philosophy.

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3 thoughts on “Christianity and Objectivism

  1. I am hopeful that the movie will hit the church like the ‘Passion of Christ’ did. Its disturbing the to me the number of evangelicals that are trending toward environmental mysticism and again overly trusting what there Pastor says to them rather than thinking, studying, praying (meditating)… being objective. I just finished listening to Atlas Shrugged and the Fountain Head and truly, this Christians faith is in no way diminished. I am telling all my friends about it (only the more mature Christians) and anyone else. I’m hopeful the movie will get politicians and voters thinking before the next election.

  2. From what I hear, the movie has morphed into a mini-series and back again a few times. Lionsgate is considering “Atlas Shrugged” as the inaugural series for its new cable network. Several actors have been rumored to be interested, but I think it has taken so long that interest is fluctuating or worse.

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