A Case for Common Ground, Part 4

On the way to a comprehensive world view that reconciles what my fathers (Dad and John) taught me, I ask four questions that help me characterize anyone’s way of thinking. I ask these same four questions of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and of Christianity through my two fathers.

In various forms and on many occasions, they are “What is the nature of Reality?” “What is a person’s highest pursuit?” “What is wrong with the world?” and, “How do you fix it?” Since understanding each world view is foundational to the Conversation, I answer these questions early on, relating each father’s perspective.

This is the fourth post in a Five-Part Series entitled,
“A Case for Common Ground: Finding Common Ground between Ayn Rand and Christianity”

Like with many philosophies, there is a lot to learn from how a person handles “the big three”: Money, Sex, and Power. John and Dad view money differently. They might say that they view it similarly, but their behavior is different, it tells a different story. What can you learn about a person by observing how he handles money or uses power? What can you tell about a person by the way she views sex? In any case, especially with sex, people do not talk about their views very often or with much candor. A person’s behavior, however, makes him an open book. Because of my relationship to each man, our secret conversations revealed deep considerations of these issues.

What pressing issues in our culture do you find that people just don’t talk about? Please share.

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