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  1. I’ve been reading THE SOUL OF ATLAS, and have just reached the statement that “worship” is derived from the Latin for “shaping one’s worth.” No — the derivation (like the words “worth” and “shape” themselves) is through Anglo-Saxon (early English), not Latin.

    Please tell me if you need evidence of the above — though I presume you have access to dictionaries that include accurate data on the origins of the words they list. Please also let me know if you’d consider having someone help you check the etymological (and/or other) facts referenced in future publications, and/or in future editions of THE SOUL OF ATLAS — which I am otherwise much enjoying.

  2. In The Soul of Atlas, I relate my own experience with two fathers to illustrate values held deeply by both Christians and followers of Ayn Rand. Without compromise, there are areas where the two may cooperate.

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