Fox News Interview with Lauren Green

Lauren Green hosts a show called “Spirited Debate” on Fox News. On Friday, we spoke about The Soul of Atlas: Ayn Rand, Christianity, a Quest for Common Ground. She asked about perspectives of both world views on the very big topics of Sex and Money.


First, she asked about the conversation as it was influenced by my two fathers. Being raised by an Ayn Rand-following atheist and a Christian, these two worlds converged in my life.

When it comes to money, I talked about the economic common ground that both world views come to around Capitalism. If you asked John why he espouses Capitalism, he would say, “Because it recognizes the need for man to produce value in order to sustain and enhance his life.” If you asked Dad, he would say that Capitalism is the only economic system that makes room for humans being inherently selfish. Socialism depends on everyone being inherently altruistic. If people in a socialist system prioritize their own interests over the collective. A socialist system crumbles unless a totalitarian regime comes in to enforce it.

Comparing the Christian view of sex with Ayn Rand’s view, I had to admit that common ground eluded me. I lapsed into a story that reflects Ayn Rand’s personal behavior, but I generally try to stray away from that. It’s exciting, but that’s because it’s inflammatory: the reason for the appeal of Barbara Branden’s The Passion of Ayn Rand, which was later made into a very interesting movie with Helen Mirren and Eric Stoltz.

What questions would you have asked if you were in Lauren Green’s seat? How would you have answered her questions?

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