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From time to time, when the activities of my clients and my team permit, I talk with radio personalities, journalists, and other media types interested in building bridges between adherents of disparate world views that I claim can and should be working together. These are not confined to Ayn Rand-followers and Christians, but if we can find common ground there, we can certainly bring secular libertarians and Christian conservatives together.

It’s not always easy, and my counterparts (in most cases, the host of the show) are not always looking to build bridges. They may be skeptical or neutral at best and, at worst, antagonistic. Sometimes, they are aggressively so. I have, however, found my share of “kindred spirits” who are willing to engage in a conversation wherein learning takes place and the result is actions.

Interview Archives

NumDescriptionAir Date
Truth in Action aka Coral Ridge Ministries5/9/2013
The Steve Deace Show5/13/2013
Community Spotlight hosted by David Freymiller5/14/2013
Focus Today on the Dove heard through out Oregon5/14/2013
MRC-TV Interview with Dan Joseph5/16/2013
The Wave Wake Up Call hosted by Ean Leppin5/21/2013
Dennis Miller Interview and Photo MontageThe Dennis Miller Show hosted by Dennis Miller5/21/2013
LifeQuest on LifeTalk Radio Network with Dwight Lehnhoff5/21/2013
The Schilling Show, hosted by Rob Schilling5/22/2013
Liberty Storm Radio hosted by Shane Krauser5/25/2013
New Day Cafe on Moody Radio South hosted by John Rogers5/28/2013
Brain Food from the Heartland, hosted by Louie B. Free5/29/2013
Minnesota Christian Broadcasters Inc. Radio with Phil Kvamme5/29/2013
Alex Murashko editor at The Christian Post5/29/2013
The Andy Caldwell Show5/30/2013
Update Today hosted by Maxine Sieleman6/3/2013
The Lars Larson Show6/3/2013
Mickelson in the Morning with Jan Mickelson on WHO in Des Moines, IA6/4/2013
"The Fairness Doctrine" with Chuck Morse on WDIS AM-1170 Boston, MA6/6/2013
The Armstrong Williams Radio Show6/7/2013
"Connecticut News and Views hosted by John Vaught"6/12/2013
"The Morning Show with Mike Shelley"6/17/2013
"Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg Young"6/21/2013
"News and Views (IRN USA Network) heard on 127 stations hosted by Ron Allen"6/21/2013

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