Is Atlas Shrugging?

The question is explained and answered in an interview of Yaron Brook on Pajama TV. Yaron Brook (President of the Ayn Rand Institute) articulately compares today’s environment with Ayn Rand’s ideas and depiction of the world.;jsessionid=abcAwrRLJPIxYeATswuas

* An explanation of the metaphor in the title, “Atlas Shrugged”
* The popularity of Atlas Shrugged today (some stats)
* The difference between Atlas Shrugged and some of the “shrugging” that is going on today
* Alan Greenspan’s ideology and record as an Objectivist
* Where is Galt’s Gulch?
* The timing of a strike today
* The power of Atlas Shrugged is not in it’s economic prediction, but in its philosophical principles
* What the Ayn Rand Institute is doing today to distribute Ayn Rand’s ideas
* Some words on the movie version

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