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5 thoughts on “Is Rand Relevant?

  1. “Selfish” may not be the word, I think “Noble”possessing very high or excellent qualities or properties.
    I believe as part of a noble spirit we possess the desire to remain noble in our ways, thus we self-sacrifice for our greater future protecting a noble heart’s existence.

  2. As Christians, if you take into account the doctrine of natural depravity, you can see why the Randian ideal is delusional. Christians believe community acts as a safeguard against poor doctrine; that’s why we affirm that there no such thing as a Christian who is not part of a church community. The capitalist extension of those doctrines should include the necessary regulations to guard against rampant, anti-common-good selfishness.

  3. I believe that a properly working Christian community can safeguard doctrine and apply accountability – but the church has not followed the discipline of discipleship and also lovingly rebuking brothers and sisters. We chase issues not the heart of the matter, or the root issue. Where this is not present, the church is a club of the religious not… Read More the Spirit filled organism God imparted to the church. We have made ourselves lesser gods of self: power, control, education, rather listening to each other rather than God.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly Craig. And where we have members of our society who are not church-going or Christian, the leaders in our government–who are, after all, God ordained–and our society’s laws fill that corrective role. I believe that as Christians we ought to strive to influence and shape our government, not dismantle it, much as I’d like to do the latter from time to time.

  5. I believe in today’s society the church is becoming more irrelevant than ever before. Not withstanding, people have not stopped looking for God connections, they are not finding life solutions or direction from the church. We did not make, love, our greatest gift from God, the focus of our work. Love not selfishness draws the best out of people. The church has spent more time on our doctrine and development than love.

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