Jan Michelson, Libertarian Christian, Interviews Mark David Henderson

I enjoyed my conversation with Jan Michelson. He’s a self-proclaimed Christian Libertarian and a lot of fun. We talked about The Soul of Atlas, of course, but we also talked about the role of government, the Obama administration, the Tea Party, devout followers of Ayn Rand, and Christian conservatives. We even talked about derivatives, the financial crisis, and the regulatory environment. It was a lively exchange (I consider him a “friendly”) and I had a blast.

Here is his opening:

I still remember during the last election cycle, seeing these bumper stickers in the parking lot when you’d go to a political event. For instance, Ron Paul is the best example of this, you’d see in the parking lot an amazing conglomeration because the Paulista’s were not really a monolithic group, any more than the Tea Party is or was, or whatever it is now. You’d see in the parking lot, people who were pro-lifers and limited government and anti-Obama with anti-ObamaCare bumper stickers. And on the other side of the parking lot, you’d see a bumper sticker that said, ‘Who is John Galt?’ And in the same parking lot, people both in the same cars, both supporting Ron Paul. Now that was an interesting mix. Mark David Henderson is on our line now, can you explain that parking lot to me sir?

Here is the recording of the interview in its entirety for your listening pleasure. This was by far the most lively and far reaching discussion I have had on the air.

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