Can we get Keira Knightley as the next Dagny Taggart?

Two words for you: Keira Knightley. I am a huge fan of Atlas Shrugged, and I am watching with fascination as the casts (multiple casts for the three-part series of the movie) are revealed for each part of the trilogy. First there was Angelina Jolie, then Charlize Theron, even thoughts of Kim Basinger. I like Taylor Schilling and Samantha Mathis is a pretty good actress. But now that we’ve seen a few, can we get Keira Knightley? I think she has the look. I also would like to see Rosamund Pike give the role a try. Can we get her for a screen test?

The Atlas Shrugged movies have done a good job of staying true to Ayn Rand‘s novel. If the intention of Part III is to remain true to the novel and portray [spoiler alert] an unfolding love story between John Galt and Dagny Taggart, then I think it’s not only important to get the John Galt character correct, it’s really important to get Dagny Taggart right as well.

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