Does ‘Freedom’ mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians?

Does Freedom mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians? Freedom doesn’t mean without restriction. The fish outside the restriction of water, it is not free. When the fish is confined to the water, only then does it have the freedom to move about and thrive. Both Objectivists and Christians feel that they are the truly free ones, and that the other is in some kind of slavery. Objectivists sense that a Christian is enslaved to his consciousness.

One of my Objectivist friends expressed some pointed opinions about Christians. She said (I’m paraphrasing), “Christians believe in a God that does not exist. They are, therefore, limited and not free. Christians are trapped because they refuses to go beyond their own consciousness, back to the first principles of existence. They have let the imagination capture the intellect and now they must conform to some “higher standard” over which they has no control whatsoever.” She went on to say that Christians are relegated to the realm of “faith,” where there is no room for freedom. In contrast, Ayn Rand sees the only path to true freedom as that which frees the mind from all constraints which cannot be substantiated through observation, integration, and reason.

Christians say the Objectivist is obsessed, and therefore enslaved, to achievement. Because the Objectivist puts himself as a Producer at the center of his identity. Consequently, s/he must continue to achieve in order to prop up that identity. Hence, the slavery. The conversation continued. I will share more later. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts about freedom?