MRCTV’s Dan Joseph Interviews Mark David Henderson

I’m still getting used to the interview format, and the television camera is clearly not my friend, as you can see. Being deaf in one ear makes radio fun because it’s hard to hear during the phone interviews, but having mild paralysis on half my face is a bit unnerving when I know I’m on camera. Of course, I’m hypersensitive to it, but I hope it’s not as distracting to my viewers. On the other hand, my interviewers all look fantastic.

Here Dan Joseph of MRC-TV asked questions about The Soul of Atlas.

Personal Questions

After more than a dozen interviews, some themes are becoming apparent. A lot of interest in the personal aspect of my story: my two fathers. “How did you navigate this terrain?” “What made you interested in these two world views?” “Do you think these two will ever actually get together?”

Overcome the Inertia and Engage

On the last question, I’m going to give it my best shot. I want others to engage, and not just these two world views, but other, seemingly disparate world views that have common ground in limited government, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. There are plenty of people today who are not willing to engage around these topics. I would like to.

Your Thoughts

What are the issues that you are passionate about? What do you think is the most important issue facing our country today? Second?

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2 thoughts on “MRCTV’s Dan Joseph Interviews Mark David Henderson

  1. In an age of fast-paced, polished videos and airbrushed airheads, your simple video may not win artistic awards, BUT your eloquent, understandable, and interesting answers to your interview were laudable.

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