Objectivism and Idolatry

Timothy Keller is an author and speaker who addresses postmodern audiences with provocative insights about the Gospel. The video referenced on this post deals with idolatry. Admittedly, “idolatry” sounds like an arcane concept that is irrelevant to individuals in a postmodern culture. But Keller provides examples of personal and cultural idols held by religious and irreligious people at all levels of society. The clip is long, but really quite excellent. The first 20 minutes will provide enough context to answer my questions below.
I’ve heard Keller speak about this topic before, but never so comprehensively. As Keller shows, the first step (like the New Testament figures in Acts) is to discern the idols in our culture and surroundings. For me, that’s Objectivism. What are the “idols” of Objectivism? Put another way, what is the “something else” that saves the atheist Objectivist? More than ever, I’m interested in your response.

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