Common Ground: What do Farrah Fawcett and Ayn Rand have in common?

Most followers of The Soul of Atlas will wonder why Farrah Fawcett is appearing on a blog discussing Objectivism and Christianity. Simply this: Ayn Rand was a huge fan of Charlie’s Angels. In a respectful piece this week, Amy Wallace said

Farrah told me, “Charlie’s Angels was never popular with critics who dismissed it as Jiggle TV. But Ayn saw something that the critics didn’t.”
But here are a few things that almost no one knew about Fawcett:

  1. Fawcett and the writer Ayn Rand shared a birthday, February 2.
  2. Rand, the inventor of the philosophical system called Objectivism, never missed an episode of Charlie’s Angels. She was such a Fawcett fan, in fact, that she sought to cast the actress as the lead in a planned TV miniseries version of her best-known work, the gargantuan novel Atlas Shrugged. (NBC later scrapped the project).
  3. Rand, perhaps better than anyone else, helped Fawcett understand her place in American culture.

How do I know this? Because just months before Fawcett’s death, I had an email exchange with her about Rand. At the time, I was researching a possible article about the long—and as yet unsuccessful—effort to bring Atlas Shrugged to the big screen. I contacted Fawcett just to check a few facts. Instead, I got a glimpse I hadn’t expected of an intelligent woman with a savvy comprehension of her own cheesecake image.

Apparently, Ms. Fawcett had a brainy side as well. Perhaps she would have enjoyed reading our posts.

Do you agree with Rand’s assessment of Charlie’s Angels? What’s your favorite pop trivia surprise? Please share!

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3 thoughts on “Common Ground: What do Farrah Fawcett and Ayn Rand have in common?

  1. I am so disappointed that the Michael Jackson death bumped her completely off the map. This was an icon for me, watched all the episodes, and had the famous red swimsuit poster on my bedroom wall. Least the “Soul of Atlas” gives her some attention…lol

  2. This is really interesting especially since Fawcett was a Christian. I would suspect you may place this in the book somewhere?

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