Is there a perfect audience for The Soul of Atlas?

The Soul of Atlas is addressed to three distinct audiences: two explicit and one implicit. The explicit audiences are Objectivists, or admirers of Ayn Rand and Christians; the implicit is the listener, the “fly on the wall.” (Not that I think of any reader as a fly; it’s a metaphor.)

There is also a sense of wanting both Objectivists and Christians to listen to the words meant for each other. Timothy J. Keller is a Presbyterian minister in Manhattan who sees about 5,000 people in church on a Sunday. He has always maintained that the services are geared toward Christians, but always recognizing that others are present. I think that’s a wonderful way to think about an audience inclusively, without alienating anyone.

I want to write that way to Objectivists, knowing that Christians are present, and to Christians, knowing that Objectivists are listening and evaluating. For all of the interaction between these two groups that I hope The Soul of Atlas will generate, this review  (on captures one reader’s experience with the book.

Review of The Soul of Atlas

Seasoned with the perfect amount of philosophy and personal story, Henderson successfully weaves together the two contrasting views of his childhood: Objectivism and Christianity. This thought provoking analysis unveils the depth of each, seeking unity instead of division. Intellectually stimulating and spiritually invigorating, The Soul of Atlas is an excellent read for those willing to enter this challenging conversation.


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  1. So, I don’t know that I fit in to any one of these categories, but I am interested in this topic. Does that make me strange?

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