TSOA-HB-282x317Four questions helped me understand and compare each world view: What is the nature of the universe? What is an individual’s highest pursuit? What is wrong with the world? How do you fix it? Even as I recount them, my experiences with Dad and John afforded many opportunities to think, compare, and search.

Mark David Henderson
The Soul of Atlas (Henderson, NV: Reason Publishing, 2013), 20

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One thought on “Four questions…

  1. “If you vote for evil, then you are supporting evil. It martets not whether you claim it is the lesser of evils you choose, you are still supporting evil. None of you are in the position of having your choice restricted to evil of one sort or another. For example, you can vote on principle and vote Libz. You could also refuse to partake in the auction of stolen goods and not vote at all.”If you are given the choice between loosing your head, or your hand, which would you choose? Would choosing the hand be an expression of supporting your mad assaulters right to chop off your body parts? Or perhaps should you remain silent, and let this psychopath make up his mind on his own?In New Zealand, liberty lovers are not confronted with such a choice. Libetarainz as a politcal candidate is almost completly free of anti-libertarian policies. However in the United States there is no such candidate. Thus americans have to make do with the “least worst” candidate.I support the Libertarianz. However if they were to disband, or fail to register, I would support ACT. If they to were to go, I would support National.