Success and Meeting Michael Lewis

I want to meet Michael Lewis. Character development. That’s what he does so well. He takes an otherwise dry situation or very ordinary or obscure circumstances and tells a compelling story. He does it through character development. In The Big Short, he nails the characters. He paints some of the characters as misfits, social outcasts. And yet, they are so rich that I think I would really enjoy hanging out with them. After reading Lewis’s description, I feel like I understand them. More than sympathize, I empathize. What a gift. As I write The Soul of Atlas, I want to personify the two worldviews–Atheist Objectivism and Gospel Christianity–using two men who have played a role in my life. And I want the reader to know those two men at least as well as I know and understand the characters in Lewis’s The Big Short. With that level of character development, I plan to introduce the conversation between the worldviews as a conversation between holders of each view that the reader both understands and appreciates. Is it too much to ask for that empathy to translate from the people to the worldviews? Anyway, I don’t think so. And THAT would be Success.

How do you define success? How realistic do you think I’m being? Any advice for me as I seek to meet Michael Lewis?