Let’s talk about the success of the Atlas Shrugged movies

Have you seen either of the first two movies in Ayn Rand‘s Atlas Shrugged trilogy? A friend of mine pulled me aside to say that he just saw the Atlas Shrugged movie (both Part 1 and Part 2) this past weekend and he enjoyed them both… more than he thought he would. Without reservation, I’m glad. I can’t help being reminded, however, of the disparity between the critics and the fans of the movie.

Ayn Rand and her fans…

The fans are wild about the Atlas Shrugged movie, but they are mostly fans of Ayn Rand and Objectivism first. The trilogy of Atlas Shrugged movies simply plays to that enthusiasm. The critics, while they certainly had some stylistic objections but the biggest barrier is the ideology. A lot of the style is directly from Ayn Rand’s own style. The philosophy flies in the face of Hollywood’s leftist slant.

As my stepfather, John Aglialoro, points out “There is certainly a lot in Ayn Rand’s philosophy for the left… but so much more for the right.”

I think Ayn Rand is a great ally for the Right because of her message of the Constitutionally limited government and free markets– really free markets.

John rightly emphasizes “really free markets” because so much of the criticism coming from the left assumes that our economy is pure, unfettered capitalism. It’s simply not. The government is controlling and curtailing vast amounts of capital, redistributing wealth as the all-knowing, benevolent benefactor that the left thinks it should be.

What about Part III of the Atlas Shrugged movie? Will it be more successful than its predecessors?

III needs to appeal garner support beyond Objectivists

Not unless it gets traction beyond the usual suspects (the loyal base of Objectivists). It needs to be embraced by all those who want to send a message to the liberal element in Hollywood and who want their values communicated in a unique and time-tested venue. Libertarians, Christians, conservatives, Constitutionalists, and classical liberals need to start talking about the movie and creating a buzz. I for one have started.

What do you think of the first movies? What are your hopes for Atlas Shrugged Part III?