Ayn Rand and the Origin of the Universe

For the forty years that I have known him, John has described himself as an “atheist,” not an “agnostic.” “The question about God’s existence is not open for discussion. We don’t need God to explain the origins of the universe. Let’s move on with our lives and not concern ourselves with what is an irrelevant […]

What Do Lolita and Freakonomics Have in Common? – NYTimes.com

Interesting commentary on the Freakonomics Opinion blog of the NYTimes. First thought: This is the third or fourth time I have seen references to Ayn Rand on this blog. Second thought: It’s interesting to discover the perspective of someone I respect voice an opinion about Ayn Rand and Objectivism. When I read a good argument, […]

Agree More Than Disagree

More than one person has said that Christians and Objectivists agree more often than they disagree. I think that conclusion depends a great deal on context. It’s true that an Objectivist has less in common with an atheist relativist than a Christian, but that may be more relevant in some topic discussions than in others. […]

The Soul of Atlas: A Discussion of the movie, Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

Come join us to discuss the Gospel and Objectivism on Wednesday, April 13th: two days before the movie hits the theaters. Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, is coming to theaters on April 15th. Since 1957, this novel has been the second most influential book in the lives of readers. The Bible is #1. Despite the […]

Lessons from Aristotle

A great article from FT.com. I think the author hits more than one chord straight on. Martin Sandbu is the lead writer for FT’s economics. His book Just Business: Arguments in Business Ethics has just been published by Prentice Hall. I am delighted to say that I think he nails it! Excellent advice for bankers and business leaders […]

Response to Atheism and Objectivism Seminar at Radiate 2010

At Radiate 2010 in Baltimore, The Soul of Atlas seminar and the talk entitled “The New Atheism” were extremely encouraging and motivating to me. The two talks were back-to-back in the afternoon, with more students expressing interest than I expected, by a long shot. The conference scheduled the talk in a room that seats fifty. Within […]

This Week: Approaching the New Atheism

This week, Mark Henderson will be addressing the Radiate 2010 Conference in two seminars on Wednesday, December 29th at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. His first talk is entitled “The New Atheism.” What is the new atheism and how does it differ from the atheism of past decades? What are its unique characteristics, and how may this generation […]