Can we get Keira Knightley as the next Dagny Taggart?

Two words for you: Keira Knightley. I am a huge fan of Atlas Shrugged, and I am watching with fascination as the casts (multiple casts for the three-part series of the movie) are revealed for each part of the trilogy. First there was Angelina Jolie, then Charlize Theron, even thoughts of Kim Basinger. I like […]

The New York Times Review of Atlas Shrugged, Parts 1 and 2

The New York Times reviewed the first two (of three) Atlas Shrugged movies. Ayn Rand’s 1,300-page novel, Atlas Shrugged, was published in 1957 and is still a best-seller.  It was an abysmal review, but it was lazy. Granted, Part I and Part II of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy had not been received well, but they were certainly […]

Who else is excited about Atlas Shrugged Part III ?

There is a good discussion of Atlas Shrugged Part II on The third part is coming out in 2014. The producers of parts 1 and 2 are working on it now. There is a website (Atlas Shrugged Movie) and a forum (Galt’s Gulch Online) that you can pass along your thoughts and suggestions.I encourage […]

Story and Inspiration from Atlas Shrugged, and The Soul of Atlas

The following quote comes from Robert McKee’s book entitled Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting. I am very impressed with his exposition of the screenwriting process, his endless movie illustrations, and the helpful way he goes about laying it out. I heard about him from Donald Miller (in his book A Million […]

New York Times Review of Atlas Shrugged Part II

MANOHLA DARGIS It was an abysmal review, but it was lazy. Granted, Part I and Part II of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy have not been received well, but they have certainly been received by more than the “faithful” that the author refers to in her article in the New York Times on October 14th. Her […]

Making Money

Atlas Shrugged made it to the in a section entitled, “Quotes Uncovered.” A reader wrote in to ask this question: In Francisco D’Anconia‘s “money speech” in Ayn Rand‘s Atlas Shrugged (the full speech is online at Capitalism Magazine), the following statement occurs: “If you ask me to name the proudest distinction of Americans, I would […]

Early Estimates Approach $2 million Weekend B.O.

Atlas Shrugged, Part II opened on Friday to audiences in over 1,000 theaters and the initial response seems positive. The box office estimates from Box Office Mojo are stronger numbers than I had expected. In order to keep the forward momentum, however, there needs to be a lot more word of mouth. Talk it up […]