Three Pages

I came across a great website that offers some motivation to write. Although it comes through the back door, I’ll take whatever I can get. The website is called and it encourages people to write 750 words a day, about three pages. Why? Because three pages, written in the morning, is what The Artist’s […]

Objectivism (Philosophy of Ayn Rand) and Christianity: SFL Webinar on Wed, Oct 30th @ 8 pm

The Students for Liberty Webinar Series is an interactive educational program providing students all over the world live virtual access to academic lectures on topics related to liberty, mentoring on activism, and advice for career building. Join us on Wednesday October 30th at 8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST for a webinar discussion led by Mark […]

Common Ground: What do Farrah Fawcett and Ayn Rand have in common?

Most followers of The Soul of Atlas will wonder why Farrah Fawcett is appearing on a blog discussing Objectivism and Christianity. Simply this: Ayn Rand was a huge fan of Charlie’s Angels. In a respectful piece this week, Amy Wallace said Farrah told me, “Charlie’s Angels was never popular with critics who dismissed it as […]

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph Interviews Mark David Henderson

I’m still getting used to the interview format, and the television camera is clearly not my friend, as you can see. Being deaf in one ear makes radio fun because it’s hard to hear during the phone interviews, but having mild paralysis on half my face is a bit unnerving when I know I’m on […]

This Woman Explodes My Categories

I’m blown away by Amanda Palmer‘s perspective on life and relationships. Her testimony doesn’t fit either of the two main paradigms I have been writing about. In this TED talk (I have attached it to this post), she doesn’t talk about earning through her creative activities, producing value in exchange for value. Yet she does […]

Is the progressive perspective on Ayn Rand legitimate?

In an episode of The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, the host interviews Michael Lind. Together, they characterize Ayn Rand as engaged in fiction and out of touch with reality. At one point, Michael Lind suggests that the traditional approach of writing non-fiction and Op Ed peices are not the most effective way to propagandize. […]

A Case for Common Ground, Part 1

Today begins the next Friday series entitled “A Case for Common Ground.” The series addresses the basis starting-point questions of The Soul of Atlas, like these: Why is common ground important? What is common ground? And what is it not? Why two world views? And why these two (Ayn Rand’s philosophy and Christianity)? I’m sure […]

The Universe: A Simple Answer

For the forty years that I have known him, John has described himself as an “atheist,” not an “agnostic.” “The question about God’s existence is not open for discussion. We don’t need God to explain the origins of the universe. Let’s move on with our lives and not concern ourselves with what is unnecessary at […]

Are we living Atlas Shrugged?

I think we are. I don’t want to exaggerate our present condition. Of course it could be lot worse. But why should we compare the most productive and the most fundamentally free country in the world with any–let alone every–other country? I have come across several blogs that suggest or outright conclude that Atlas Shrugged […]