Story and Inspiration from Atlas Shrugged, and The Soul of Atlas

The following quote comes from Robert McKee’s book entitled Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting. I am very impressed with his exposition of the screenwriting process, his endless movie illustrations, and the helpful way he goes about laying it out. I heard about him from Donald Miller (in his book A Million […]

A Catalog of Abysmal Reviews by the Hollywood Establishment

Whereas 85% of Flixter users liked–and by “liked,” I mean “loved”–only 9% of critics liked it. The critical voices that are captive to the Hollywood establishment are nearly unanimous in their denigration of the film. Atlas Shrugged: Part I may be set only five years from now, but the world it portrays is completely […]

Reviews of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

Based on my observations (for six years, I was paid to analyze the U.S. media industry by the European investment bank I worked for in New York), the general sentiment of the media is against capitalism. Most of my readers would agree. So, it’s not surprising to me that the media has panned Atlas Shrugged, Part […]

Hollywood Reporter quote on Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

From an article in The Hollywood Reporter entitled How ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Shocked Hollywood’s Marketing Machine It’s a passionate bunch that didn’t need much encouragement. On Monday, for example, a caller to Dennis Miller’s radio show said he saw the film opening night and purchased another ticket on his way out of the theater that he […]

Atlas Shrugged comments from director Paul Johansson

I think Paul Johansson‘s commentary is interesting and supportive of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. I am looking forward to seeing his work this Friday. Hopefully, it will draw many into the conversation between like-minded enthusiasts of individual liberty in Christian, Objectivist, and Libertarian camps. I first discovered Ayn Rand’s works at the age of seventeen. The […]

Interview with John Aglialoro, producer of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

In an interview with Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 Producer John Aglialoro, Amanda Carey of The Daily Caller asked ten questions. My personal favorite, having seen the film and met Nathaniel Brandon and Barbara Brandon at the screening, was this one: 10. What do you think Ayn Rand would think of the film? I’ve pondered that question […]

First Look at the Movie: A Review of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

I attended a screening on Thursday, February 24th (actually two screenings) at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. The movie exceeded my expectations. Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 opens with the accident that threatens Taggart Transcontinental, and by extension, the rest of the country which now (2016) depends on rail transportation more than ever because of the […]

Atlas Shrugged, Part 1: Trailer Transcript

Of course, the trailer is a lot more than just what you can read in the transcript, but here it is! Man: Midas Mulligan Mulligan: Who’s asking? Man: Someone who knows what it’s like to work for himself, and not let others feed off the profits off his energy. Mulligan: Who are you? Eddie: We found […]