A Tale of Two Philosophies: Objectivism and Christianity

It’s a rather tired reference to a novel by Charles Dickens, but… …it also describes theme of The Soul of Atlas by Mark David Henderson. Like with many philosophies, there is a lot to learn from how a person handles “the big three”: Money, Sex, and Power. John and Dad view money differently. They might […]

Kindle Promo Free: The Soul of Atlas is available now!

I just saw The Soul of Atlas available for Amazon Kindle’s free download… Now! Please jump on this opportunity to download this title for free now to Amazon Prime members. If you’re not a member, email me now and I will see what I can do as an author desiring to promote this title. Thanks!

What is wrong with the world? [2 of 2]

“What’s wrong with the world?” is one of the four questions that allows a person to become a bit more familiar with the shape of any world view. The Soul of Atlas juxtaposes two seemingly disparate world views: Ayn  Rand‘s philosophy and Christianity. The first part of this two-part post answered the question “What’s wrong with the […]

Who is the ideal audience for The Soul of Atlas?

The Soul of Atlas is addressed to three distinct audiences: two explicit and one implicit. The explicit audiences are Objectivists and Christians; the implicit is the listener, the “fly on the wall.” (Not that I think of any reader as a fly; it’s a metaphor.) There is also a sense of wanting both Objectivist and […]

Must we always choose between Happiness and Duty?

Are the motivations of Happiness and Duty opposed to one another? In Mortimer J. Adler‘s Syntopicon (Britannica), the passage quoted below discusses the means and ends of moral education. (Earlier in Chapter 20: Education, the distinction is made between liberal education and moral education, the latter “which concerns excellence in action rather than in thought.” […]

My recent discussion: Would I consider it a train wreck?

Thanks for your support and encouragement. My discussion Tuesday morning (about Ayn Rand, Christianity, and my personal quest for common ground) went well, but before I mention the details, I think I should explore why this was such a big deal. I’m sure there’s a lot of psychology behind why this discussion has been difficult […]

Ayn Rand vs Jesus at International Students for Liberty Conference this Weekend

On Saturday, February 15th at 3:00 pm, The Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics will host a panel discussion entitled, “Ayn Rand vs Jesus.” I’m excited about it. I’ll be on the panel, hosted by Dr. Anne Bradley, speaking about Ayn Rand and Christianity. If all goes as planned, the panelists will mostly be taking […]