Inflammatory Propaganda Against Rand

 In Bloomberg article (interview) with a Rand biographer, the author says this: For people who are passionate about what seems to me to be an unrealistic view of radical individualism, she makes the strongest possible case.What she lacked was empathy and a sense that there’s a social contract. The interviewer betrays her view in the […]

Faith vs Reason, or Faith vs Works?

I have spent many posts discussing the ethical conclusions that Objectivists and Christians have in common. But the means of knowledge are sometimes opposed at their foundation. Both the Objectivist and the Christian embrace reason as a means of knowledge, but the Objectivist makes no room for faith. Objectivism explicitly rejects anything that entails “blind […]

The Soul of Atlas: Ayn Rand Meets C.S. Lewis at U. of Penn

Catherine Elvy covered a recent talk at the University of Pennsylvania. Here is an excerpt of her article in the Ivy League Christian Observer. A tumultuous economic climate and move toward heightened government regulation is fueling a resurgence of interest in iconic philosopher Ayn Rand’s influential 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged. Mark Henderson also is captivated […]

Nuances on ‘Faith’ Contradict Ayn Rand’s Definition

Rand assumes that the faithful use faith as a means of knowledge. This definition flies in the face of Rand’s epistemology, that Reason is the only valid means of knowledge. Eugene Peterson’s statement is instructive in the conversation. The fatal thing is to reduce faith to an explanation. It is not an explanation, it is […]

Faith and Control

I recently viewed interviews in a series entitled, Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason. Provocative. Moyers interviews both religious and atheist, similar to the composition of our discussion group. Afterwards, the tried to reach consensus on definitions of faith and religion. We came out with an interesting theme. ‘Religion’ involves humanity’s attempt to control. There’s […]

Jim wrote: What distinction do you make between the atheism of Rand and the atheism of Hitchens/Dawkins?

A great question, Jim. Hitchens/Dawkins raise several points about how Religion is responsible for violence, bloodshed, and oppression. In short, Religion is “what’s wrong with the world.” Unfortunately, I have to concede that Religion, including Christians through the ages (of whom I am one), are responsible for a lot of injustice. However, to Daniel’s point–and […]

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and the World Today

In Atlas Shrugged we see a world crumbling under the weight of government interventions and regulations. The economy has ground to a halt. Roads and bridges are breaking down, buildings are falling apart, new inventions are few and far between, and each day more and more businesses are shutting their doors. The government blames greed […]