Success and Meeting Michael Lewis

I want to meet Michael Lewis. Character development. That’s what he does so well. He takes an otherwise dry situation or very ordinary or obscure circumstances and tells a compelling story. He does it through character development. In The Big Short, he nails the characters. He paints some of the characters as misfits, social outcasts. […]


If you didn’t see John Stossel’s special two weeks ago, I recommend it. Several people gave me the heads up, but I forgot to mention that he did a whole show on Ayn Rand. Great feedback from the audience! (which means passionate opinions, but not well informed about Rand and her worldview). Here is the […]

One of these things just doesn’t belong here…

An interesting editorial entitled Where Politics Don’t Belong, and in the New York Times! An “Ayn Rand” alert brought me to an article that begins like this: FOR years now, many businesses and individuals in the United States have been relying on the power of government, rather than competition in the marketplace, to increase their […]

A Miniseries!

Finally, some news on Atlas Shrugged that gives us some hope for a meaningful production! The same New York Times article (referenced in the last post) talks about a mini-series that will inaugurate Liongate’s new cable network. In the first six months of 2009, Penguin Books shipped more than 300,000 copies of the book, which […]

John A. Allison IV

“You learned in that sandbox at some really deep level that it’s bad to be selfish,” says Mr. Allison, adding that the mother has taught a horrible lesson. “To say man is bad because he is selfish is to say it’s bad because he’s alive.” The chairman of BB&T, a $143Bln regional bank headquartered in […]

Today’s Libertarians

Matt Harris chairs the Libertarian Party of West Virginia. He wrote a scathing article entitled, Why I Loathe Ayn Rand and You Should Too. While he says he “takes Rand at face value,” I think he misunderstands her perspective on today’s Libertarian ideology. It’s true that her writing is peppered throughout with negative comments about […]