Engage in Productive Dialogue; Tough Questions in Context

How should we engage in productive dialogue and embrace tough questions? Parties with opposing viewpoints on the issues should not be afraid of–rather each should embrace–the tough questions. Of course, each party must demonstrate understanding of the other so that they ask the right questions, rather than merely antagonizing. When it comes to questions of […]

What’s the difference between a God-centered and Other-centered life?

Is there a difference between a life centered on God and a life centered on others? They seem synonymous. Look at Mother Teresa. She represented a godly life through her focus on the needs of others. At Brown University, I studied the Middle Ages. Amidst the violence and disease that caused me to prefer calling […]

Who is Mark David Henderson?

Mark is the author of The Soul of Atlas: Ayn Rand, Christianity, a Quest for Common Ground [Reason Publishing]. He also speaks to a variety of audiences about finding common ground in unlikely places. Mark has been vitally interested in Ayn Rand’s philosophy for over three decades. He studied Victorian Poetry and Neuroscience at Brown […]

What is your highest value?

Ayn Rand uses ‘selfishness’ to mean ‘self-interest‘. Even Christians are self-interested. Ayn Rand’s definition of sacrifice is more narrow than the common than the common usage of the idea. The more common understanding of sacrifice makes it easier to order our values. Most would agree that we should never subjugate something of greater value to […]

When do I need to listen to the audience?

Sometimes, my audience is hostile. (Not all atheist groups, but some ardent Ayn Rand followers fit that description.) At least the audience doesn’t agree with what it thinks I am going to say, and that creates a barrier. Other times, the audience is happy, enthusiastic, and supportive. In either case, I need to listen. As […]

Does ‘Freedom’ mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians?

Does Freedom mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians? Freedom doesn’t mean without restriction. The fish outside the restriction of water, it is not free. When the fish is confined to the water, only then does it have the freedom to move about and thrive. Both Objectivists and Christians feel that they are the […]

Are Our Souls Restless?

Does every individual search for God? In his television series entitled Faith and Reason, Bill Moyers asked Mary Gordon whether she thought Augustine’s quote was true. Augustine opens The Confessions with praise of God, and follows this with one of the most famous passages in all of Christian literature — his introductory observations about the […]

Now appearing, in my study…

St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Atlas on Fifth Avenue. What a scene! I am delighted to report that a substantially larger, poster version of the thumbnail contained in this post, now appears in my den, across from my desk. It inspires me to write about the conversation that is, and should continue, taking place. The conversation, […]

Three Pages

I came across a great website that offers some motivation to write. Although it comes through the back door, I’ll take whatever I can get. The website is called 750Words.com and it encourages people to write 750 words a day, about three pages. Why? Because three pages, written in the morning, is what The Artist’s […]