Moral Issues: Profit vs. Government Regulation, the Weigh-in at Church

Quoted in a  Bloomberg article  entitled “Profit `Not Satanic,’ Barclays Says, After Goldman Invokes Jesus”, several bankers spoke about the compatibility of Christianity and Captialism.  Bankers became too obsessed with short-term gains in a financial crisis that is a “profoundly moral issue,” Lazard’s Costa said in the church of St. Katherine Cree on Oct. 15. […]

The Rise of Christianity and the Rise of Objectivism

I revisited an article reviewing Nathaniel Brandon’s book, The Art of Living Consciously: The Power of Awareness to Transform Everyday Life. A few months ago, a friend invited me to his church to hear him “witness” on the subject of awareness. Though I had to struggle to separate the objective wheat from the mystical chaff, […]

Ayn Rand on "Mystics of Spirit": Part 1

There is some common ground between Ayn Rand and Christianity, but sometimes they seem to be talking in different directions. Coming to terms is vital. For instance, see here as Ayn Rand talks about “mystics of spirit,” in which category she lumps all religion as she understands it. The good, say the mystics of spirit, is […]

Jesus Christ or John Galt?

I almost missed this article in Capital Magazine (thanks, Tim), about the co-mingling of religion and capitalism. ( After my talk at Penn two weeks ago, an Objectivist who knows me well told me that, while she appreciated the very fair presentation of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, she thinks that the crux of the issue is […]

Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World

I found some writing help in an unlikely place: a seminar on preaching by Timothy Keller and Edmund Clowney entitled Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World. The challenge is to consider how Jesus Christ is truly the answer to the deepest longings that I experience in my life. And I’m not alone. Tim is adept […]

Faith and Reason, and Belief

On December 21st, the Church recalls and gives thanks for St. Thomas, the Apostle known as “Thomas the Doubter” for his questioning of Christ’s resurrection. Now here is a man that Ayn Rand can get behind in the sense of his questioning that which did not directly relate to something that he could observe or […]

Using your Mind

In response to Skye’s helpful illustration regarding using our minds, please let me share my post from November entitled, “How Ayn Rand Led Me to Christ.” I applaud any desire to use the mind, and I agree whole-heartedly. Skye’s experience of “emptying” reminds me of Eastern meditation more than anything Christian. The difference between Eastern […]

Looking for quotes

I have been scouring the internet and other sources for notable quotes (by notable Christians) about Ayn Rand, particularly when the point of view is negative. It seems like with Rand’s negative view, there would be some prominent Christian response. I can’t seem to get quotes that work. I would be grateful for any quotes […]