Timely Conversation

Now is the time for Christians and Objectivists, and everyone related to those two worldviews, to engage in a meaningful, respectful, but no-holds-barred Conversation. The West is becoming more pluralistic every decade. Most of us welcome the diversity of thought that contributes to a cultural richness that lacks in homogeneous societies. The expressive freedom comes […]

The Nature of the Christian’s [compared to the Objectivist’s] Universe

I have been wrestling with the question, “What is the nature of the universe for the Objectivist, and the same for the Christian?” It goes beyond the question of naturalism versus supernaturalism. For the Christian, everything in the universe derives its worth, purpose, existence, and nature from God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. […]


The intellectual enticements to the conversation provide the first reason for the conversation, and the emotional aspect makes up the second. But I think the most compelling reason to engage in the conversation is its spiritual dimension. To be clear, the philosophy of Ayn Rand and Christianity bring different perspectives to that spiritual dimension. In fact, […]

The Conversation

I came across two conversations today. The first was an interview, so it’s more of a one-sided conversation. I have embedded the Washington Post video of an interview with Tim Keller. The second is a series of responsive essays on the topic “Is Christianity Good for the World?” (Follow this link.) Both are deferential to […]

Emotional Tension and the “Conversation”

The conversation between Christianity and Objectivism carries a lot of tension for me. Not only is each worldview intellectually compelling, but each is represented by an individual who has been influential in my life. The emotional tension stems from not wanting to alienate either by embracing another worldview. As a child, of course, their approval […]

Moving Forward?

Well, I know I am. Moving forward, that is. But I’m not sure about the movie. I haven’t heard anything lately about whether the movie is progressing and, believe me, I’ve been scouring the internet for fresh news daily. The latest that I know about is an interview with one of the producers on the […]