Does ‘Freedom’ mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians?

Does Freedom mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians? Freedom doesn’t mean without restriction. The fish outside the restriction of water, it is not free. When the fish is confined to the water, only then does it have the freedom to move about and thrive. Both Objectivists and Christians feel that they are the […]

A Case for Common Ground, Part 5

Christianity and Ayn Rand‘s Philosophy: World Views with Surprising Common Ground As much as any ideas in our culture, Joy, Hope, Meaning, and Faith have been claimed by Western Christians much more than their secular—and certainly atheist—counterparts. Because Ayn Rand builds her doctrine on “rational self-interest,” Reason and Capitalism appear more closely aligned with the […]

A Case for Common Ground, Part 4

On the way to a comprehensive world view that reconciles what my fathers (Dad and John) taught me, I ask four questions that help me characterize anyone’s way of thinking. I ask these same four questions of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and of Christianity through my two fathers. In various forms and on many occasions, they […]

Counterfeit Gods

The chapters in The Soul of Atlas that serve as the first examples of the Objectivist-Christian conversation are entitled Money, Sex, and Power respectively. It’s no coincidence that Tim Keller identifies these as the most prevalent “counterfeit gods” in our society today. (Full disclosure: I got it from him, not the other way around.) In […]

The Soul of Atlas: Ayn Rand Meets C.S. Lewis at U. of Penn

Catherine Elvy covered a recent talk at the University of Pennsylvania. Here is an excerpt of her article in the Ivy League Christian Observer. A tumultuous economic climate and move toward heightened government regulation is fueling a resurgence of interest in iconic philosopher Ayn Rand’s influential 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged. Mark Henderson also is captivated […]

Great Turnout, Lots of Enthusiasm

I was delighted with the turnout at the talk last week, entitled “The Soul of Atlas”. I was expect 25; someone said 60-70 people came out! But it wasn’t the numbers alone. Everyone seemed genuinely enthusiastic about engaging in what I call the Objectivist-Christian conversation. I spoke for 30 minutes and the Q & A […]

Meaning in Life

I have been looking into “meaning in life” as Ayn Rand would define it. Several questions arise, and I need some feedback from those who know Rand well. It’s difficult to conclude what “meaning” she finds in life other than staying alive. According to Rand, the meaning of life is to live. That is the […]

Objectivism and Idolatry

Timothy Keller is an author and speaker who addresses postmodern audiences with provocative insights about the Gospel. The video referenced on this post deals with idolatry. Admittedly, “idolatry” sounds like an arcane concept that is irrelevant to individuals in a postmodern culture. But Keller provides examples of personal and cultural idols held by religious and […]