Great Turnout, Lots of Enthusiasm

I was delighted with the turnout at the talk last week, entitled “The Soul of Atlas”. I was expect 25; someone said 60-70 people came out! But it wasn’t the numbers alone. Everyone seemed genuinely enthusiastic about engaging in what I call the Objectivist-Christian conversation. I spoke for 30 minutes and the Q & A […]

Not Sounding So Weird

Another snippet from Bloomberg journalist, Amity Shlaes: The hard-money monologue of Rand’s copper king, Francisco d’Anconia, used to sound weird. Who even thought about gold in the early 1990s? Now, D’Anconia’s lecture on the unreliable dollar sounds like it could have been scripted by Zhou Xiaochuan, or some other furious Chinese central banker: “Paper is […]

Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage

There have been a lot of articles lately. This one, from Canada’s National Post, almost slipped by my radar. It’s worth a read: “Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage.” Foster, an editor for the conservative paper, has some nice lines. Indeed, it has been suggested that far from being associated with John Galt, Mr. Greenspan, especially […]

The Dignity of Work: Objectivist or Christian?

In my conversations with Christians and Objectivists, both articulate a high view of work. Still, there are some inconsistencies between the foundation and practice of each worldview. Today, Rand’s view of laissez faire capitalism meets detractors, but her view of hard work gets wholehearted support in today’s Western industrial society. Rand’s heroes are not mere […]

Money and Benevolence

I like Daniel’s response to the issue of greed. I think David Kelley would agree, based on this quote from his Introduction to Unrugged Individualism. The critics who accuse Rand of advocating the greedy pursuit of one’s own gain at the expense of others are grossly misrepresenting her views. But the misrepresentation sticks because the […]