My recent discussion: Would I consider it a train wreck?

Thanks for your support and encouragement. My discussion Tuesday morning (about Ayn Rand, Christianity, and my personal quest for common ground) went well, but before I mention the details, I think I should explore why this was such a big deal. I’m sure there’s a lot of psychology behind why this discussion has been difficult […]

Let’s talk about the success of the Atlas Shrugged movies

Have you seen either of the first two movies in Ayn Rand‘s Atlas Shrugged trilogy? A friend of mine pulled me aside to say that he just saw the Atlas Shrugged movie (both Part 1 and Part 2) this past weekend and he enjoyed them both… more than he thought he would. Without reservation, I’m […]

Ayn Rand and Christianity: Breaking Down Barriers, Q&A #4

This is the fourth section of Q & A from the CATO Institute featuring Mark David Henderson. After speaking candidly about his new book, The Soul of Atlas, the author fielded several questions including this one on how to engage those with disparate world views. In particular, Michelle Marston from the Becket Fund for Religious […]

Objectivism, Christianity, and Man’s Highest Pursuit

Through Piper’s Desiring God, I saw the beginnings of Objectivism applied to Christianity. Piper’s Christian Hedonism applies the principle of seeking one’s highest pleasure—the highest possible occupation of the human soul for its own delight and happiness—to the doctrines of Christianity. The conclusion of many Christians through the centuries, and the testimony of the Christian […]

Gift Idea! Order The Soul of Atlas, in 3 flavors…

I am delighted to announce that The Soul of Atlas is now available in three flavors for all of your holiday shopping needs for all of the readers on your list. The Soul of Atlas is now available in hardback, soft cover, and Kindle Reader. And, if you’re looking for a gift to give your […]

Does ‘Freedom’ mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians?

Does Freedom mean something different for Ayn Rand and Christians? Freedom doesn’t mean without restriction. The fish outside the restriction of water, it is not free. When the fish is confined to the water, only then does it have the freedom to move about and thrive. Both Objectivists and Christians feel that they are the […]

Are Our Souls Restless?

Does every individual search for God? In his television series entitled Faith and Reason, Bill Moyers asked Mary Gordon whether she thought Augustine’s quote was true. Augustine opens The Confessions with praise of God, and follows this with one of the most famous passages in all of Christian literature — his introductory observations about the […]

Ayn Rand and Christianity: Breaking Down Barriers Requires Understanding

At the CATO Institute, author Mark David Henderson says “a conversation between Ayn Rand and Christianity may have many outcomes, but at least one of them should be understanding one another.” The barriers that exist between adherents of each world view cannot be broken down unless we first engage, and second, understand. Misconceptions abound… I […]

Now appearing, in my study…

St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Atlas on Fifth Avenue. What a scene! I am delighted to report that a substantially larger, poster version of the thumbnail contained in this post, now appears in my den, across from my desk. It inspires me to write about the conversation that is, and should continue, taking place. The conversation, […]