Who else has a perspective on Christianity or Ayn Rand’s Objectivism?

You ask some interesting questions about Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and Christianity: the differences and similarities between the two world views, Christian Libertarianism, Christian Anarchism, and Rand’s politics, and my own view. I’ll do my best, in a nutshell. Ayn Rand is a committed atheist. She believes in absolutes, but not in a Giver of absolutes. […]

What is your highest value?

Ayn Rand uses ‘selfishness’ to mean ‘self-interest‘. Even Christians are self-interested. Ayn Rand’s definition of sacrifice is more narrow than the common than the common usage of the idea. The more common understanding of sacrifice makes it easier to order our values. Most would agree that we should never subjugate something of greater value to […]

When do I need to listen to the audience?

Sometimes, my audience is hostile. (Not all atheist groups, but some ardent Ayn Rand followers fit that description.) At least the audience doesn’t agree with what it thinks I am going to say, and that creates a barrier. Other times, the audience is happy, enthusiastic, and supportive. In either case, I need to listen. As […]

Ayn Rand and Christianity: Breaking Down Barriers, Q&A #1

The next four posts include questions (and some answers) about The Soul of Atlas and common ground. In this video, Edward Hutchins from The Atlas Society asks a question about selfishness in the context of common ground between Objectivism and Christianity. Christian conservatives and secular libertarians can work together. When widely influential, yet substantially opposing, […]

Ayn Rand and Christianity: Breaking Down Barriers Requires Understanding

At the CATO Institute, author Mark David Henderson says “a conversation between Ayn Rand and Christianity may have many outcomes, but at least one of them should be understanding one another.” The barriers that exist between adherents of each world view cannot be broken down unless we first engage, and second, understand. Misconceptions abound… I […]

Where did your tax dollars go?

Ayn Rand was very clear on the role of government. Any discussion about how tax dollars are spent cannot be profitable without agreement about the rightful role of government. Christians have not been as single-minded on the function of government as Objectivists, more broadly described as “secular libertarians.” Ayn Rand said Since the protection of […]

Objectivism (Philosophy of Ayn Rand) and Christianity: SFL Webinar on Wed, Oct 30th @ 8 pm

The Students for Liberty Webinar Series is an interactive educational program providing students all over the world live virtual access to academic lectures on topics related to liberty, mentoring on activism, and advice for career building. Join us on Wednesday October 30th at 8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST for a webinar discussion led by Mark […]

Common Ground: What do Farrah Fawcett and Ayn Rand have in common?

Most followers of The Soul of Atlas will wonder why Farrah Fawcett is appearing on a blog discussing Objectivism and Christianity. Simply this: Ayn Rand was a huge fan of Charlie’s Angels. In a respectful piece this week, Amy Wallace said Farrah told me, “Charlie’s Angels was never popular with critics who dismissed it as […]

A Case for Common Ground, Part 5

Christianity and Ayn Rand‘s Philosophy: World Views with Surprising Common Ground As much as any ideas in our culture, Joy, Hope, Meaning, and Faith have been claimed by Western Christians much more than their secular—and certainly atheist—counterparts. Because Ayn Rand builds her doctrine on “rational self-interest,” Reason and Capitalism appear more closely aligned with the […]