Do Christians and Atheists View Reason differently? [Part 1 of 3]

This three-part series looks at reason from two perspectives: a Christian’s and an Atheist’s. These two world views are represented by my two fathers. Part One of Three introduces the topic from The Soul of Atlas. I grew up with two fathers: John, my stepfather and Dad, my biological father. What made that more strange […]

Coming Together on Culture, Part 2: Practical Issues

Coming Together on Culture, Part 2: Practical Issues: Tim KellerIn the last post, we talked about a number of recent books that critique both the Cultural Transformationist and the “Two Kingdoms” approaches to Christ and culture. But for many churches and Christian leaders the issues are more practical. Is the mission of the local church […]

A Catalog of Abysmal Reviews by the Hollywood Establishment

Whereas 85% of Flixter users liked–and by “liked,” I mean “loved”–only 9% of critics liked it. The critical voices that are captive to the Hollywood establishment are nearly unanimous in their denigration of the film. Atlas Shrugged: Part I may be set only five years from now, but the world it portrays is completely […]

Confessions of a Former Tyrant

From A Slice of Infinity, I had to excerpt this article. Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) is a positive influence on the world, showing that Christians exercise reason and logic. The work of RZIM exemplifies intellectual rigor. Stuart McAllister does a great job entering the life of the Apostle Paul “into evidence.” Fifty percent of […]

"Longing" in Atlas Shrugged

Dagny Taggart is a tireless worker, a driven achiever and producer of value. All her life, she has aspired to reach her highest potential and become superlative example of rational self-interest. She longs for something that she cannot yet articulate. She wants it badly, but the world system of looters and moochers fights her with […]

Success and Meeting Michael Lewis

I want to meet Michael Lewis. Character development. That’s what he does so well. He takes an otherwise dry situation or very ordinary or obscure circumstances and tells a compelling story. He does it through character development. In The Big Short, he nails the characters. He paints some of the characters as misfits, social outcasts. […]

Spiritual, but not Religious?

Ayn Rand applauded a culture in which the interests and desires of the individual take precedence over those of the family, group, or community. Frequently, I hear “I am spiritual, but not religious” or “I like Jesus, but not Christianity.” I applaud the courage and honesty of people who have had bad experiences with churches, […]