What’s the difference between a God-centered and Other-centered life?

Is there a difference between a life centered on God and a life centered on others? They seem synonymous. Look at Mother Teresa. She represented a godly life through her focus on the needs of others. At Brown University, I studied the Middle Ages. Amidst the violence and disease that caused me to prefer calling […]

Who else has a perspective on Christianity or Ayn Rand’s Objectivism?

You ask some interesting questions about Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and Christianity: the differences and similarities between the two world views, Christian Libertarianism, Christian Anarchism, and Rand’s politics, and my own view. I’ll do my best, in a nutshell. Ayn Rand is a committed atheist. She believes in absolutes, but not in a Giver of absolutes. […]

What is your highest value?

Ayn Rand uses ‘selfishness’ to mean ‘self-interest‘. Even Christians are self-interested. Ayn Rand’s definition of sacrifice is more narrow than the common than the common usage of the idea. The more common understanding of sacrifice makes it easier to order our values. Most would agree that we should never subjugate something of greater value to […]

Does anyone else think about sacrifice this way?

I have been exploring the idea of sacrifice from the perspective of a Christian and from the perspective of an Ayn Rand-follower. The following quote got me thinking about what sacrifice really is: Sacrifice Is slow as a funeral procession In rush-hour traffic, the sort of word Other words pass, honking…–Jeanne Walker Murray Both seem […]

Coming Together on Culture, Part 2: Practical Issues

Coming Together on Culture, Part 2: Practical Issues: Tim KellerIn the last post, we talked about a number of recent books that critique both the Cultural Transformationist and the “Two Kingdoms” approaches to Christ and culture. But for many churches and Christian leaders the issues are more practical. Is the mission of the local church […]

Self-Interest Among Christians

I can’t get over the instances of self-interest among Christians, and that, in the best possible sense: seeking one’s own pleasure in God. John Piper quotes David Brainerd, a missionary and a man of God. [Brainerd says that] “love is a pleasing passion; it affords pleasure to the mind where it is” But the object […]

Rational Self-Interest vs. Rational Sacrifice ?

At Brown, I studied the Middle Ages. Some call the period the “Dark Ages,” because of the violence and disease. A lot of that was perpetrated in the name of religion. In that midst of the chaos, I found the behavior of the monks refreshing. When they left their cloistered habitat to participate in the the […]

Inflammatory Propaganda Against Rand

 In Bloomberg article (interview) with a Rand biographer, the author says this: For people who are passionate about what seems to me to be an unrealistic view of radical individualism, she makes the strongest possible case.What she lacked was empathy and a sense that there’s a social contract. The interviewer betrays her view in the […]

Ayn Rand and Goldman Sachs

While I can’t say I agree with everything in Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, but I watched a disturbing interview on MarketWatch.com, in which two individuals were speaking in a language that was disturbing, if not unintelligible. First, having worked at Goldman Sachs, I disagree that the culture is characterized by “selflessness.” Second, I disagree that “selflessness” […]


Sacrifice Is slow as a funeral procession In rush-hour traffic, the sort of word Other words pass, honking…–Jeanne Walker Murray I have been exploring the idea of sacrifice from a Christian and Objectivist perspective. Both seem clear and diametrically opposed. Objectivist sacrifice, subjecting something of greater value to something of lesser value, is a vice. […]