Sacrifice in the Boardroom: A Story

Like the villains in Atlas Shrugged, the rhetoric in the public square exalts sacrifice and denounces selfishness. Despite exhortation, we see the opposite: a lot more selfishness than sacrifice. Especially in the financial and corporate world, of which I have been a part. Sure, there’s talk about “giving back”, but it’s just lip service. Ayn […]

More on Self-Interest

I can’t get over the instances of self-interest among Christians, and that, in the best possible sense: seeking one’s own pleasure in God. John Piper quotes David Brainerd, a missionary and a man of God. [Brainerd says that] “love is a pleasing passion; it affords pleasure to the mind where it is” But the object […]

I Never Made a Sacrifice

Ayn Rand’s despises sacrifice because it is “the surrender of a greater value to a lesser one.” But most don’t view sacrifice that way. If they did, they might say that they had never made one because they surrendered everything to God. God, whose value is greater than anything He created, cannot be the recipient […]