Atlas Shrugged, Part 1: Review of the First Peek at the Movie

On Tuesday night, at an Atlas Society event, we saw the first eight minutes of the movie, and a special trailer. Wow! Before the event, I was cautiously optimistic. After the event, I was inspired! The first scene sets the context: the world on September 2, 2016. Gas is over $30, trains have become the […]

"Longing" in Atlas Shrugged

Dagny Taggart is a tireless worker, a driven achiever and producer of value. All her life, she has aspired to reach her highest potential and become superlative example of rational self-interest. She longs for something that she cannot yet articulate. She wants it badly, but the world system of looters and moochers fights her with […]

A Day on the Set of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

I had never been on the set of a movie before, let alone Atlas Shrugged, whose scenes I know and love. This was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. And it was thrilling. I didn’t bother hiding my naivete about film making, and my enthusiasm for everything Hollywood. In other words, I didn’t try to […]